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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I eligible for a medicare rebate for dentistry?

Although most private dentistry in Australia does not attract a medicare rebate, children and teenagers may be eligible for the means-tested Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS). This scheme provides a rebate for check-ups and basic dental treatment.

To find out if your child is eligible, follow the links below. Please let our staff know before your appointment if you are using the CDBS.

Australian Dental Association:

Human Services:


Q. My health fund has told me to go to a preferred provider. Do I need to?

Some insurers will try to push you to use their network of ‘preferred providers’. This is a purely commercial arrangement between funds and practices who agree to alter their fees in return for advertising. Wilston Dental Group has always strived to remain free of these arrangements and the inevitable pressures they place on practitioners.

You can always trust our dentists to present you with the best and most appropriate treatment options without fear of over-servicing. To read more about these arrangements, please follow the link below:


Q.What is an ‘accredited practice’ and is Wilston Dental Group accredited?

Practice accreditation is a voluntary process of quality control which we have undertaken in order to provide the highest standards of safety and quality for our patients. Being an accredited practice means submitting to regular assessments and constantly reviewing and improving our procedures from record keeping to infection control.

To find out more about practice accreditation, please follow the link below:


Q. Why do I need X-rays?

Most dental problems don’t cause pain… at first! This is why your dentist will occasionally suggest x-rays to catch these problems before they turn into toothaches. Decay and gum disease especially are always treated more effectively when diagnosed early and x-rays are a safe procedure and an essential part of early diagnosis.

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