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Tooth Whitening Under Practice Restrictions


If you are already undergoing whitening treatment with us and wish to do more while you are social distancing, we are able to supply whitening gel by mail.

As always, there are a few things to bear in mind while whitening teeth. Your dentist will likely already have discussed these with you when your whitening kit was first issued.

1. You need to already have your trays (whitening mouthguards) and these need to be in good condition and well-fitting.

2. If you have front teeth fillings, caps or crowns, whitening does not work on these. You need to be careful not whiten the natural teeth past the colour of the existing dentistry or it will appear yellow in contrast.

3. The whitening gel we are supplying is 10% carbide peroxide. This is the standard gel we normally supply with our whitening kits. If your dentist has issued a different type or strength of gel previously, you should let us know this when you call.

4. Please refrigerate left over gel when storing. The shelf life of your gel is extended by refrigeration to about 18 months. Keep it at room temperature during the time you are using it to reduce tooth sensitivity on application.

5. You may experience increased tooth sensitivity while whitening. You have already discussed management of this with your dentist at the time of issue. Try whitening less frequently (eg. every third night) or using sensitivity-reducing toothpaste.

6. In addition to the cost of the gel, there will be a small postage and handling fee.

Please call the practice during our office hours if you would like additional whitening gel mailed to you. Check the COVID-19 page of the website for up to date business hours.